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Meet Mattie Barker


Generally known as Mattie B, I am an award-winning* musician and educator. I have crafted a unique, therapeutic and invigorating approach to healing through music. Having developed a unique musical approach to life, my message is loud and clear – “Music brings us all a deep connection to ourselves, and it can unhinge the gate that keeps freedom out”.

After spending 4 years studying psychology and education at Griffith University, Gold Coast, I dived into a 16-year career as a self taught  musician. For nine years I performed with my band The Lamplights. I’ve also shared stages in musical communion with bands of varying genres through Australia and around the world.

For 15 years I have worked extensively with kindergartens and large community groups offering my ‘Music IN Life’ development program. The program draws together the fundamental components of musical harmony (beat, rhythm, tempo, melody) and its correlation to our mental stability, our intrinsic thriving capacity, and our perfectly unique individual self-expression. 

During my travels throughout India and South East Asia I worked with community groups offering musical heart and companionship. My capacity to enrich an individual with self-driven determination and limitless motivation is well respected throughout Australia and internationally.

I love to truly immerse and pull others into a musical world of deep release. I am passionate and determined to see that ALL humans develop a positive and joyful approach to life through music.

*2011 Australian Song-writing Award for ‘Best Folk Song of the Year’ & ‘Best Children’s Song of the Year’.  

*2012 Queensland Music Award for ‘Best Children’s Song of the Year’


I acknowledge that within each and every human hides a remarkably unique, individual, and creative spirit waiting to be expressed. 

I have witnessed that when we invite this potent self-expression into our lives though music, we channel a doorway that connects this beautifully sacred part of ourselves to the world. 

My invigorating musical approach softens our perspective on trauma related experiences. It helps others on their journey to a more relaxed yet strengthened mental state, inspiring their individual human quality to shine bright.

It is my quest to nurture my fellow man with the highest of respect for their individual human position. To inspire and motivate their innate human qualities and expressive human potential. 

Aided by the magical power of music, I strive to assist my community on their journey home to their unique, flourishing human potential.

Mattie B.