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Welcome to Mattie Barker Music. As an *award-winning musician and educator I have crafted a unique and invigorating approach to healing through music.

Developing a musical approach to life, my message is loud and clear – “music brings us all a deep connection to ourselves, and it can unhinge the gate that keeps freedom out”.

As ‘Mattie Barker Music’ I have been presenting my Music In Life musical development and education program in kindergartens and junior schools around the country for 12 years. The programs are aimed at developing a positive and exciting approach to life, through music.

Music can truly emmerse you and pull you into an exhilirating world of deep release. Utilising various components of musical harmony, instrumentation, and songwriting techniques, we can revisit trauma, or self-esteem related adversity and cleanse our relationship towards them.

Through musical, vocal expression and the tools that music gifts us, I can gently guide individuals back to the potency of their purpose and assist them with esteem building motives and direction. 

"There was something special and unique I was drawn to instantly in Mattie Barker, in his rich, soothing and uplifting energy; and somehow a lightness, joy, and depth all at once that makes you feel instantly connected”.

Gabi T